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Starting at $306

The Foundation

This program was created for athletes ages 10 to 14 years old. The focus of this program is to build and teach the technique to fundamental movements of strength and conditioning. Each session is 60 minutes and emphasizes the importance of injury prevention for the long-gevity of the athlete.

Starting at $383

The Progression

This program is designed to be the next level up from “The Foundation” program. Developmentally it is intended for older student-athletes ranging from ages 14 to 18 years old. The primary focus of this program is to increase the athleticism of each individual player. The sessions are 75 minutes long and will encompass higher levels of strength, power, flexibility, and endurance components.

Starting at $460

The Overall Player

The Overall Player is an advanced performance enhancement program created for collegiate, graduating high school, and professional athletes. Each session is 90 minutes of detailed instruction for each athlete. The program is offered in the summer and will provide a competitive advantage for the upcoming sports season.

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