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The Right Way Sports and Fitness

Your Potential is Attached to your Purpose. MAXIMIZE IT!

The Right Way Sports and Fitness (TRW) is more than just a fitness brand. It is an education hub that provide individuals with a safe training environment to put themselves in the best position to achieve their fitness and athletic performance goals.

TRW primary objective is to maximize the athletic performance of each athlete while educating each individual on how to minimize the frequency of injury in a structured training environment. We use scientific based principles to evaluate athletes and design effective programs. In our programs we check for imbalances and weaknesses, teach proper training methods and techniques to prepare athletes for their sport. 

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Sports & Fitness

Our world-class recreational facility is a place for everyone to experience the joys of sport and competition. The complex includes our Olympic-Sized Pool, Yoga Studio, Free-Weight Gym and much more. The Right Way Sports and Fitness also offers you a one-of-a-kind fitness center, as well as numerous spaces for meetings and parties. Let’s play together!

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Since our founding in 2010, The Right Way Sports and Fitness has served the sports and recreation needs of  individuals and families in Atlanta. With both indoor and outdoor training, The Right Way Sports and Fitness is the prime destination for student athletes, fitness enthusiast and beginners. We take pride in our wide array of programs to help you to meet your goals.

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